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Your artcloud Profile Home Page, The Virtual Gallery Assistant

Artcloud’s users home page houses something we like to call the “virtual gallery assistant”. The reason we call it that is because it displays all of the pertinent information for your gallery in one place as soon as you have logged in.

What can appear on your virtual gallery assistant:

  • Client follow-ups
    • This takes the follow up information you have inputted into your individual client data and notifies you here when the time.
  • Client activity stream
    • This takes the activities entered into client profiles to show which clients have had recent activity with your gallery, for example; visited the gallery recently, expressed interest in a piece, etc.
  • Birthdays
    • This shows any of the birthdays of clients or artists you have submitted into their basic information.
  • New Arrivals
    • This shows any pieces from recently imported inventory to show you what has newly arrived.

All of this information makes it quick and easy to relay information to your staff and keep on top of daily tasks.

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