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How can I return a sold item back into inventory?

Firstly, locate the pertinent sale in your invoices section. Once you have located it, proceed down the row to ‘Options’ and then click ‘Edit’. Now you have two options, you may choose to change the invoice status to ‘Declined’ in the upper right corner of your ‘Edit Invoice’ page, or you will find in the very last column of the row with your artwork information on it, a small arrow. Click the small arrow and this will return the item back into your inventory. Remember to click save after you make any changes to your invoices.

How do I activate/upgrade my account?

If you have decided that you would like to enter in more than 10 pieces into your account visit the My Account page  (you can reach this page by clicking your name/gallery name in the top right corner) and visit the Billing and Payments tab to enter in your credit card information.

How do I add, remove, or change information on my exports?

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.23.36 PM

To choose what information will show up on your exports, go to the upper right corner of your page and click on your account name, then click on ‘My Account’. When you are on your ‘My Account’ page, click onto ‘Settings’ and then ‘Exports’. Here you will be able to choose if you would like to show prices on your lists, show artwork dates, and more.

How do I set the follow-ups to appear on my home screen?

To set client follow up’s that will appear on your home screen when you log in go to ‘Clients’> ‘Options’>’Profile’. There you will see a tab titled “Follow-Up’s” where you can enter in your date and information for that note.

To learn more about setting client profile information click here.

To learn more about your home screen/ virtual gallery assistant click here.

How do I insert framing costs?

We suggest you enter in cost for framing as a merchandise item. You can easily change cost, make duplicates and add it as an item to any invoice.

What is the difference between the reports I can make in artcloud?

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.49.06 PMTop Clients provides you with an overview of the clients that have purchased the most and how much they have spent.

Sales Over Time Reports will provide you with a report of all closed, completed sales.

Payments Reports create a report of all of the payments to your gallery. This is different from Sales Over Time in that it includes any payments to your gallery not just closed ones.

Consignment Reports will show total sales by artist along with total consignment costs.

Layaway Reports will show you all of the pieces that are in the process of being paid for. They can represent a report of confident future sales with payments that have not been completed.

Sales by Artist Reports show details on which pieces have been sold by which artist and their total sales.

On Approval Reports will show you all of the pieces that are out on loan to a client. Similar to the Layaway Report although when something is out on approval, the sale is typically less final that something on layaway – it can be seen as potential future sales.

How do I prepare to print mailing labels?

In many pages on artcloud you have the ability to have formatted versions of your information automatically download to your computer to save or print. One of the versions we support is labels. If your labels are not printing correctly, be sure to first make sure the correct print settings have been set up on your personal device.

If the print labels are bleeding the edges or the logo is cut off, typically you just need to set your print settings (OS x) to ‘scale to page’.

I’ve bulk imported my art inventory, how do I bulk import my images?

We’ll there are two options here. You can reach out to us and we’ll share a drop box link in which you can share your artwork titles and our magicians will script them in for you. To do this, we need the file name for the images to match (exactly) the title of the artwork, inventory number, or sku.

If you don’t have your images organized in a clean format like that, then we’ve made it really easy to import them manually be enabling drag and drop functionality on the edit artwork page. It’s super easy!

How do I handle multiple email addresses per client?

We really believe in keeping one email address for a client as it helps keep a lot of things simpler. But with that said, we certainly understand the desire to have all possible information. We suggest clients leverage the user’s ‘notes’ section for all auxiliary information.

My wall labels aren’t aligning correctly – what can I do?

Many times if you are having errors with your wall labels in alignment it is due to either an incorrect selection of wall label, or printer settings. Make sure that the ‘fit to screen’ setting is unchecked, or any other settings in your print preview that may change the size or scale of your pdf are unselected.labels_fittopage